School Camps

The school offers a comprehensive program of excursions and trips for each year level, aiming to provide valuable learning experiences. In the first year, students participate in a two-day trip to Kobe, where they gain insight into the significance of past earthquakes and learn important life lessons. In the second year, students embark on a two-day excursion to Kyoto, engaging in hands-on activities that promote an understanding of the importance of preserving and developing traditional culture.

In the final year, students embark on the most extensive three-day school trip to Kyushu. Prior to the trip, they conduct thorough research on the destination to enhance their knowledge and prepare themselves to recognize and understand the various aspects they will encounter.

Overall, these excursions and trips foster the students’ personal growth by fostering strong relationships with their peers and teachers. Additionally, they encourage students to take ownership of their learning by setting challenging goals and pursuing personal inquiries.