Cultural Festival

The Culture Festival is a yearly event at Ikeda Junior High School where students are able to share the results of their hard work and passion with the wider school community. 

Community Projects: During the culture festival, the third graders present their community projects to underclassmen, parents, and teachers. Each group presents for 15 minutes and shares their experience from planning to conducting their ideas for their community projects.

Performances: Cultural clubs, such as dance, IEE, and brass band clubs perform on stage for all of their classmates. They have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned and practiced in their clubs. Demonstrations include presentations, quiz games, dances, and dramas. 

International Division Presentations: Members of the international division, students that have lived abroad, have the opportunity to introduce the foreign country they lived in. They share their experiences, the culture, and the history of the country they lived in, and provide their classmates with a chance to expand their knowledge and grow as global citizens.

Student materials: Throughout the cultural festival, students display materials they made around the school. These include materials made in their clubs and subject lessons, such as illustrations, posters, slides, and crafts.

Students prepare extensively for the culture festival and it is an opportunity for students to learn valuable skills such as organization and time management while also providing a fun opportunity to share their work and interests with each other.